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September 7, 2018

It has finally come.  We have a home.  I’m so excited and I know you are, too. A home is a place to nurture, it is a place to rest, it is a place of peace, it is a place of fellowship, and it is a place of growth.  Isn’t a home also a place of hospitality? Yeah.  We use our homes all the time for the above items.

Now, as a congregation, God has opened the door for us to have a home.  I look forward with great anticipation in how God is going to use this “tool” to nurture our family, as well as help us practice “hospitality” in our community and bless others.

Many of you are asking how to get involved with the facility.  There are many areas in which your gifting is needed.  I strongly encourage you to come this Sunday for our first service.  There are going to be signs all over the building through which you can catch the vision for a particular space and the needs related to that.  Also, we are going to be having a short informational meeting following the service.  Our management team will be laying out their structure and plans, as well as recruit people like you to jump in with your gifts. Each one really is needed.  How exciting to work together.


Fall Ministry Kick-off – Sunday, September 16 

  • We are launching our ministries for this fall, including Sunday School for all ages, beginning at 9am.  I am so thankful that Sophia Rosgaard, our new Children’s Ministry Leader, is here to lead and organize this.  We are going to have four classes for the kids, as well as a class for adults. I strongly encourage you all to see this as a crucial investment in your spiritual lives.
  •  I am also beginning a NEW SERMON SERIES: CORE.  This is an 11 week series covering the foundations of our faith. What do Christians actually believe? I am following the outline of the Apostles Creed.  I believe this series is going to really help us all grow in our understanding of our Faith, as well as see how these foundational teachings are practical in our daily life. This would be a great series to invite your neighbors and friends too.


Family Nights – Beginning Wednesday Sept. 19

  • This is a new ministry for Shiloh and we hope you can jump in.  Our goal is for our families to grow together in their walk with the Lord. This fall, we are not doing life groups in homes. Rather, we are bringing them all under one roof in a wonderful experiment :).
  • Here’s the plan:
    • 5:30-6pm – Come and have supper.  Don’t worry about the business of your schedule.  We want to help you. Food and fellowship. What better way to start an evening.
    • 6-6:10pm – Group opening.  All ages will join together in songs and prayer to start the night.
    • 6:10-7:15pm
      • Kids Club
      • Youth group – Grades 6th-12
      • Adult groups – There will be about a 10 minute teaching based on the previous Sunday teaching.  All people will break into small groups and have a time of further discussion.
    • 7:15pm Dismissal

I really believe that you will be blessed beyond belief by making these Wednesday evening family nights a priority for you. This is a great way to meet new people and deepen relationships.



Would you pray for all these new things?  So much is happening here.  Please pray for faithfulness and unity for us all. Pray that God would give us great clarity of vision and a heart for souls.Trusting in Him.
Pastor Andy Coyle


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